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Understanding Your Money Chakras

lineWith Mindy Crary

We all know this: your money isn’t “just” about the numbers.

It’s about your history, behavior and thinking.

This is why Mindy is giving you over 18 PAGES of priceless information, ABSOLUTELY FREE!



In order to have the best financial life possible, you have to master your energy FIRST – and only then will the numbers start to make sense.

If you have money blocks, there are typically 7 major ways they come up for people. But fear not, because once you understand them, they start to lose power over you.

The truth is, most people don’t even realize they have money blocks…they just think it’s “they way things are.”

In this ebook, we’ll cover the seven major chakras and the money issues that show up around each of them. The ebook includes:

Relatable examples (from my life!) how energy block works

The core issue
associated with your money block

How your energy interacts with your money decisions

Key activities to help you work on & release your money block

Start understanding today, how to take action to
change your energy!